Corporate Active Shooter Training 

Our civilian response to active shooter threats (CRAST) is built around the national law enforcement standard Avoid, Deny, Defend (ADD) strategy developed by ALERRT in 2004. The Forte CRAST course builds on these guidelines while implementing new tactical considerations focused on increasing the probability of a safe and successful outcome.

In our changing world business leaders must be more diligent than ever to ensure the safety of employees and customers. Active shooter events can leave businesses with significant emotional damages in addition to civil liability. Furthermore,

business owners and management personnel are often the targets of active shooter events. Ensuring key personnel are trained to respond to and eliminate the active shooter(s) in your business should be a top priority.

This course will provide the knowledge and skills necessary to mitigate the damage an active shooter scenario delivers while hardening soft targets.

Our 3hr CRAST course will cover the below topics:

  • Active Shooter Statistics

  • Hardening Soft Targets

  • Role of Corporate Responders

  • Response Options

  • Drills