Unarmed Security Course (D Course)

Unarmed Security Training

D Course (40 hour Course) 4 days
When: August 17th-18th-19th-20th     And      September 16th-17th-23rd-24th
17th- 8am-6pm (Classroom)                                        16th 8am-6pm (Classroom)
18th- 8am-6pm (Classroom)                                        17th 8am-6pm (Classroom)
19th- 8am-6pm (Classroom)                                        23rd 8am-6pm (Classroom)
20th- 8am-6pm (Classroom)                                        24th 8am-6pm (Classroom)

Also Available October 11th-12th-18th-19th

Classroom: 6620 Southpoint Dr. S 1st floor
Jacksonville Fl 32216

Cost: $100 per student (50$ Deposit required)

What to bring to classroom:
– Notebook and writing utensil
– Government issued photo identification
– Food and drinks if needed (Subway in building)

Email: info@trainforte.com if interested

Note: You must have a D license to be able to submit your G License.

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